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Pressure sensor recommendations


I've been watching your project for awhile now, but I've haven't yet seen a part number for the pressure sensor you've been using.

I've been looking around for one for a long time, but they seem a bit expensive - which is a PITA for something that generates a simple analog voltage...

Do you have a manufacturer and vendor that you recommend?


Same question for the flow meter. I can't find an exact match to the part number Digimesa FHKSC-932, but I did find this thing on amazon:


What are the specs for the FHSKC-932? Do you happen to have them handy?


Thanks for the help here. I'm pretty excited to make my mods. I've enjoyed reading about your solutions all in one place!

Let me know if you want to collaborate in some way. I'll be working on a version of my own with additional features and a different SW build environment.

- Jim