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PCB Design Files

I was looking at getting the PCBs made however it seems that most places only accept PCB designs in Gerber format. Is it possible for you to add the original Kicad files to the repository ?

You can find them at:

It’s a bit hard to export kicad projects so let me know if it doesn’t work. For some reason the copper pads on the PCB that are on the opposite side are showing as black in my pcbnew with the above project.

Cheers, I'll take a look and see about getting some printed.


Thanks for an awesome looking project, still got some parts to source and need to work out the specs for the zero crossing circuit (I'm on 240V) but looking forward to applying these mods.

Aah excellent make sure to read Good luck and let me know once you get it working at 240V so I can document it there for others.

I've had a bit of time to have a look at the KiCad files. It loads fine and I can view the PCB although quite a few of the parts in Eeschema are represented by question marks.

I believe this is due to missing the following symbol libraries:

  • mbed.lib
  • espresso-on-crack.lib
  • espresso-on-crack-rescue.lib
  • hc-sr04.lib

I have found a version of mbed.lib and hc-sr04.lib here & although unsure if these are the same versions you are using.

I did find out how to show the copper pads in pcbnew though: Layers Manager (on the right), select the Items tab then make sure "Footprints Back" is checked.

Ooops, my .gitignore was blacklisting the .lib files, they should be added now! Latest git pull should fix it for you.